The basic equipment, tools required in order to participate in Remote Influencer yoga meditation.


In the 2 photos above, you see 2 of the tools that are necessary for students wanting to learn Remote Influencer yoga meditation to own or to have access to. The internet is the other tool. I am not promoting Asus laptops by the way. I do own a couple of them though. I used that photo to illustrate the point that PC's are used in Remote Influencer yoga meditation.

I will be creating training materials and other info in PDF format. Hence the image of the pdf file up above. 

Here are some of the other tools and equipment needed.

  1. A home, apartment, flat, condo etc to reside in - no disrespect to homeless people. I aim to teach them too : I will write about this in a future post.
  2. A pc or pc's, mobile - cell phone with internet access.
  3. PDF reader - most pc's have this as do most phones. You can download Adobe reader at 0 cost too if necessary.
  4. A chair.
  5. A bed.
  6. A mat to lie on - you can lie down on a carpeted floor too, if you don't have a mat
  7. Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp, Microsoft teams, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter - This list is not set in stone. It can grow over the course of time.
Once students become adept at Remote Influencer yoga meditation, they can do sessions at a park, sitting on a bench, on a train or bus etc. This list is growing too. When I created my Remote Influencer yoga meditation system, I wanted it to be accessible to many people. I didn't want it to be too reliant on expensive tools, equipment, props etc. Most potential students have the 7 pieces of equipment, tools in the numbered list above. If they don't have all or some of the above, they could share with friends, family members, associates that do have all 7 of the items above. 

As you can tell, I am a creative person and I am somewhat of a problem solver. This comes from my previous experience as a freelancer and an independent consultant.


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