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Intense and detailed viewing of Youtube videos.

   We can make use of the tools and equipment we already have, and we can use these tools and pieces of equipment as part of our meditation tool-kit. ( The sentence above is from the blog post dated April 29th 2022 ) One of the Remote influencer yoga meditation exercises from the Remote influencer yoga meditation body of knowledge, is : Intense and detailed viewing of Youtube videos.  I am not being paid by Youtube by the way. I have deep admiration for Youtube though. This exercise can be done using either your laptop, desktop pc or your phone, I pad, tablet pc etc. You can sit on a chair and then you would choose the video you would like to view on Youtube. The video can be music, movie or education related. There are multi millions if not billions of videos to choose from. I would suggest starting with shorter videos initially. Begin watching the video and relax. Don't put pressure on yourself. You will get better at this exercise over the course of time. When you are watching t

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