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Self batting meditative physical exercise.

 In the photo above, you see some of the props or tools that I use as part of my Remote Influencer yoga meditation practices. The bat is around 18 or 19 inches in length. It's made out of aluminum. The bat is light in weight. I only use it indoors as part of my self batting meditative physical exercise practices. I go into my bedroom and I get into a meditative state. I pick up the bat with my right hand and I hold the ball with my left hand. If you're left handed, use your left hand to hold the bat with and the right hand to hold the ball with. I throw the ball into the air without using too much force. I throw the ball around 15 inches above my head. I then hit the ball with the bat. I don't hit the ball hard. The idea is to build focus, concentration, timing and hand and eye coordination. The other technique I use is when I bat the ball up and I hit the ball back up again before the ball lands on the ground or the bed in my case. I can do this up to 4 times. I will leave

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