How Remote Influencer yoga meditation had helped improve the performance of one of my physical exercise practices.


Sorry for the long title of this blog post. It serves a purpose though. In the photo above, you see a 19 inch polypropylene bat made by Cold Steel. The bat is named, Brooklyn Slammer. It is quite a hefty bat. It weighs around 1.9 pounds. This bat is meant to be used with one hand.

One of the physical exercises I use to gain power and hand/eye coordination, is the one handed baseball hit. I use my left hand to throw the baseball about a foot over my head. I then hit or try to hit the ball using my Brooklyn Slammer, that's being held in my right hand. You can have a training partner standing on the opposite side. He or she can then throw the ball back to you. This is not an easy exercise. It takes practice and it requires patience and focus. My remote influencer yoga practices help with this exercise. People without meditation experience, will swing wildly in order to hit the ball. Their timing will be off too. I would class the Brooklyn Slammer as one of the props I use for Remote Influencer yoga meditation.

Here is a link to a post from my Frisee That Much blog. It provides more info on the above exercise. It includes a link to a quick Youtube video which shows me doing the exercise in mention.


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