Why Remote Influencer yoga meditation is different from other meditation systems.


Remote Influencer yoga meditation is the first meditation system of its kind in the world. I incorporate some of the methods and techniques from my Remote Influencing (RI) system into Remote Influencer yoga meditation. I would have added the word meditation into my web domain name. However, the domain name that I chose was already 20 letters in length. That's why I didn't add the word meditation into the domain name.

I genuinely like to help people. I have had a few great reviews of my work. I can share them in future posts. I can help young, older and people in between. I can also help athletes, celebrities, entrepreneurs, small business owners and countless others through Remote Influencer yoga meditation.

Here's a Youtube video where I am seen transmitting healing energies through my hands. Think of this video as an experiment. Watch the video and let me know how the energies had affected you.


In the paragraph above, you'll see that I had underlined a few words. I will write about these areas in future posts.


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