Remote Influencer yoga meditation and how it can enhance sport and physical activity.


In the photos above, you see 2 of the throwing objects I use in my Throwing Objects Club, Frisee That Much. I came up with the acronym TOC - Throwing Objects Club. I wanted to come up with an acronym which would best describe Frisee That Much. That's when I created the TOC acronym.

Remote Influencer yoga meditation has helped improve my performance in Frisee That Much and in my other physical activity practices. I will write about the other practices in future posts. I have some health issues which prevent me from being 100% physically. I was quite an athlete when I was growing up though. If my Remote Influencer yoga meditation system can help to enhance my physical performance, imagine what it can do for 100 % able bodied athletes. I have been able to maintain focus, improve reflexes and to stay calm and in control as a result of my meditative practices.

Here are a few links to videos showing me throwing an American football and a flying disc through my Frisee That Much club. I'll leave Google drive links and Amazon drive links. You can choose which platform you'd like to view and /or download, share the videos through.

Remote Influencer yoga meditation can help to enhance mental abilities as well. I will write about this area in a future post.


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