Why I chose the domain name, Remote Influencer yoga.


I own quite a few web domain names. I bought the domain name remoteinfluenceryoga.com on December 24th 2021. I have used the aforementioned domain name for this Google blog. I thought it would be good for me to write this post so as to explain what the blog is about. I created this blog to introduce the world to the Remote Influencer yoga meditation system of my own creation.

If you noticed, I have placed an underline and bold text for the words meditation system. This is to highlight the fact that Remote Influencer yoga is a meditation system. I do not get involved with the yoga postures and poses in my system.

Here is a post from the blog. In this post, I write about my Remote Influencer yoga meditation system and how it can be of benefit to people practicing physical yoga systems.


If you look at most of the physical forms of yoga, these systems usually incorporate meditative practices into their classes. They typically have these sessions toward the end of their physical yoga classes. I've spoken to some students practicing traditional physical yoga systems. They mention that they sometimes have difficulty doing some of the meditative techniques and exercises. I can help these students. 

My domain name has 20 letters. If I had chosen the domain name : remoteinfluenceryogameditation

The domain name would have been very long - 26 letters. Therefore, I chose the domain name :


Here is a link from my Wordpress blog for Way of The Remote Influencer. The post is about Remote Influencer yoga and how this is part of the ministry work for Way of The Remote Influencer. 



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