Meditation, visualization and other mental, spiritual exercises from the comfort of your bed.


In the photo above, you see a man sleeping with his hands over his chest. I had used the photo to illustrate the point I am making in this post. I have become a very creative person as the result of my Remote Influencing practices. We feel at peace and we are comfortable when we are in our beds at home.

Therefore, it is not a stretch of our imagination, that we can do meditation, visualization and other spiritual and mental exercises, practices when we are lying down in our beds. The other day I had done a visualization session while I was in my bed. I did this once I had woken up in the morning. I did an exercise where I had visualized one of the new websites I am currently working on. I did the exercise for around 7 minutes. I was in a relaxed, peaceful state of mind and spirit. I visualized my new website and I thought about the site, the layout etc and how I could improve upon the site. If other thoughts came to mind, I cleared those thoughts out and I went back to my visualization session.

Here is one of my earlier posts. In this post, you will read about the basic tools and equipment needed in order to participate in Remote Influencer yoga meditation. You will see that a bed is one of the said tools.

This exercise proved to be productive. I gained new insights into my website. Outsiders and naysayers may say that we are wasting our time or that we are being lazy. It's best to ignore those types of people. It's all about being creative and utilizing our time. When we keep doing these exercises and practices, we improve in the areas we are working on over the course of time. We put in the work and we achieve results. I will write more about these exercises and practices in the near future and beyond.


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